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FX Markets Monthly Outlook – August 2017

John| Market Overview-Opinion|01/08/2017,10:34:52

The month of July saw the investor sentiment in the US dollar continue to deteriorate.

FX Week Ahead: FOMC, Australia Inflation

John| Market Overview-Opinion|24/07/2017,09:46:28

As the currency markets progress into the final weeks of July, the main highlights of the week include the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.

More Uncertainty For The British Pound

John| Market Overview-Opinion|27/06/2017,09:52:20

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney spoke to reporters on Tuesday last week, where he said that it was not the right time to raise interest rates.

Grexit Is Dead, What’s New?

ORBEX| Market Overview-Opinion|19/06/2017,12:50:51

Another day with the same old news headlines about Greece (Grexit) are hovering around, leading to another fresh buying spree across European equities.

Eurozone Flash PMI: Business Confidence Firms In May

John| Market Overview-Opinion|31/05/2017,11:17:34

The eurozone’s purchase manager’s index released last week continued to signal growth momentum in the region, consistent ........

Investment Theme – Pound wobbles on Labour poll boost: election jitters or sign of volatile times ahead?

By XM.COM| Market Overview-Opinion|31/05/2017,11:11:34

When the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, unexpectedly called a snap general election on April 18, the pound soared on the news, breaking above the $1.28 level for the first time since October.

EU Spring Forecasts 2017: Growth Outlook For The Eurozone Upgraded

John Benjamin| Market Overview-Opinion|16/05/2017,05:41:45

The European Commission’s spring forecasts painted a rosy picture for the growth of the EU....

New records set as the markets ‘appreciate’ Macron

Joshua Kalinsky| Market Overview-Opinion|09/05/2017,

In an election where nearly a quarter of the French voters abstained from casting a vote, the Global markets and in particular European markets breathed a sigh of relief as Macron held-off Marine Le Pen to take a whopping two thirds of the popular vote.


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