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At Tradingserve, we curate you with only the Best Forex Broker :

The biggest mistake a beginning trader can make is believing that there are only a specific few that succeed and trade on reliable trading platforms. All Forex brokers are free to use, regardless of brokers’ experience, budget and investments. Yet the importance in finding the right and appropriate Forex brokers could drastically change a broker’s experience in trading, this is why Tradingserve are here to help you find the best ones. Follow our guidelines and recommendations into finding the best Forex brokers for you and you will begin your trading journey in no time!

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How To Find The Best Forex Brokers – 3 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing?

Whether you are searching Forex brokers according to their safety or their rating, you must understand that there are far too many brokers to simply contain them in a list. However, we will help you find your own personal list of top Forex brokers to allow you to start trading almost instantaneously. Here are the most important factors you must take into account when choosing a Forex broker:



At tradingserve.com, We highly recommend that you always choose regulated brokers as the presence of regulations allows safety for traders as well as brokers. These regulations are presented by specific regulation agencies which are chosen by governments and state authorities. The reason as to why we strongly recommend you to always choose regulated brokers only is that without a regulation agency behind a Forex broker, there is no valid license for the broker to be officially listed on the trading market—making the broker a scam. Always ensure your broker has both a license to trade and a valid regulation.


Although this point may seem obvious, a good Forex broker will always possess a positive reputation. Always look out for the company’s image and whether the rating of that trading platform is high or low. The rating system, in terms of reputability, is an important factor in deciding which Forex trader to trade with, since the rating system is dictated by the customers of that very trading platform, as well as trading experts that possess the necessary qualifications to comment on the reputability of these trading platforms.

Payment Methods:

The specific payment methods of a Forex trader are an important factor in your choice of finding the right trader for you. Most Forex traders give you a variety of payment methods. Payment methods are an important factor to decide with since the method of payment will directly affect both your profits and investments. It is necessary to make a deposit in order to trade with any broker, yet all brokers have their own minimum deposit requirements. We recommend that if you are a beginner trader, you should aim to choose a Forex trader with a low deposit amount so that you can start trading with less risk. Additionally, the process of withdrawal of funds is equally as important as the method of payment, as you must ensure you can find a suitable process of withdrawal that benefits you. The majority of modern online traders offer electronic payment systems such as: PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill and many others.