What Is A Forex Broker’s Bonus?

              A Forex Broker’s bonus comes with Terms and Conditions that we recommend you read before accepting this type of bonus. In conventional terms, a Forex broker’s bonus is a type of gift that the broker company gives to its consumers. It is important to remember that bonuses given by specific trading platforms only apply to those specific platforms. Below are a list of the conventional types of bonuses that you can find when choosing between trading platforms:

No deposit bonus

The No Deposit Bonus is the most popular Forex Broker bonus. It usually requires costumers to be new to a platform service. This is a popular bonus since you are not required to make an initial deposit before making a trade or getting accustomed to the platform. The biggest perk of this bonus is that since you are a ‘new’ costumer, the trading platform gives you a small money bonus to start with without having to use your own.

Deposit bonus

The Deposit Bonus requires you to make your own investment before you can make use of this bonus. It is important to note that the standard deposit bonus is usually shown as a percentage. For example, the minimum deposit required on a trading platform may be $50 with an offer of a 10% deposit bonus on the deposits that you make. So the all deposits of 50$ that you make receives a 5$ additional top up. This bonus can be valuable if the deposit bonus is high.

Welcome bonus

The Welcome Bonus is usually an ordinary deposit bonus or can contain other bonus factors for signing up. In most cases, the bonus is only offered once. Unlike the previously mentioned deposit bonus, the welcome deposit bonus is only applicable to your first investment.

At tradingserve.com, we strongly advise that all traders should consider using the bonus offers on hand in whichever Forex trading system you choose to use. A trader can greatly benefit from the potential future profits offered by these bonuses that have been mentioned.